USAS Is Your Choice For Green Building

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are deeply committed to bringing only the most advanced & sustainable products to all applications in our industry to assure a “best practices”- approach for green building systems:
· 100% recyclable metal materials.
· CAD optimization for efficient structural sections and materials to attain highest standards of quality in construction.
· Highly reflective aluminum-zinc coated roofing achieves a “cold roof” effect.
· High level pre-fabrication and integration of building components, to minimize the on-site contamination.
· Maintenance-free wall system to preserve water resources.
· Building insulation and natural lighting systems are seamlessly combined with our photovoltaic products bringing energy consumption down to a bare minimum.
· Low VOC content paint, to maintain a healthy and clean indoor air quality.




USAS has full range of green building products, including primary structure, secondary structure, and cladding system.

USAS steel building system provides rich and diverse cross section forms of structural parts to suit for different building functional requirements.

LSIIIplus, a revolutionary standing seem roof system, exceeds the industrial performance standard.

With various wall and roof panel profile, plus U·Silk insulation, Star Light translucent panel, TOP Stainless Steel Screw, and other accessories, USAS cladding system provides different options for buildings.



USAS eHouse systems are economical, energy efficient, eco-friendly and excellent in quality and performances.
· USAS eHouse systems are suitable for residential housing projects, as well as semi-permanent or temporary accommodation buildings for industrial projects.
· USAS supplies its eHouse systems along with integral solutions and services to its customers worldwide.
· USAS eHouse is made of three different systems.



Industrial & Commercial

USAS’ pre-engineered metal building systems are the perfect choice for every modern industrial and low-rise commercial building, because we offer:

A high degree of structural safety by accomplishing a superior performance on resistance to wind and seismic influences. Our solutions are ideally fit for varying load requirements and can also withstand in regions with strong winds and earthquakes;Our high-strength light-weight and largespan structural systems are designed and fabricated to perfectly suit modern industrial plants and shopping acilities;A high level of resource & economic efficiency by reducing construction times,costs, maintenance costs combined with superior building performance;An appealing site reflecting the latest trends in contemporary architectural designs;

3 Oriflame
5 Hamworthy
1 Railway Vehicles
3 Delaval




Today’s logistics industry requires specialized construction methods and building system solutions that need to be perfectly fit to each individual business.
Our solutions for logistics buildings feature extra-large spanning spaces, vast storage capacities as well as a strong resistance to wind and earthquakes. In addition we warrant impeccable leak-proofing together with flawless insulation and ventilation. Our understanding for the specific requirements and challenges within the industry is at the heart of the reasons why USAS is among the favorites within modern logistic industries.

1 Prologis
3 Delaval
4 Alibaba
6 Decathlon
7 Amazon



Offices & Research Facilities

For multi-story office buildings, USAS’ research and development is spear heading the application of metal building products. We are collaborating closely with international architects to create comfortable and practical office spaces that deliver a beautifully designed and modern a style.

1 Far Eastern Horizon
2 Oriflame
5 Newisland
6 Huiyu




Overseas Projects

All of USAS’ products, solutions and management systems are in accordance with certified international standards.Further, our internal design team is not only familiar, but working according to global design specifications. Due to USAS’ large international network and company background, we are more than capable of building for success in overseas projects.

1 BUT Thailand
2 Brazil ICEC
3 School in South Korea




Modular House

USAS’ pre-fabricated modular housing systems offer unmatched advantages because they are highly integrated, can be remotely delivered and allow for quick on-site-installation. Our modular houses are already common place in numerous emerging markets, who have already seized their unique advantages for community development or energy base construction projects.