USAS Building System is a China-foreign joint venture specialized in engineering and manufacturing of pre-engineered metal building systems. Since its’ establishment in the 1990s in China, USAS was a pioneer in the metal building industry and can now look back at 20 successful years of technical expertise and experience in the market.

Through the seamless integration of our advanced production base and professional engineering & design, we deliver excellence in all our projects. Our accomplished management team always ensures an outstanding level of professionalism and maximum efficiency. Over the years we have successfully completed thousands of projects, which uphold an exceptional reputation in China as well as overseas.

As the prime brand in today’s metal building industry, we hold a wide range of patents and certifications, authenticated by Chinese and international authorities.

Yet, despite our prime position in the market, we relentlessly strive to develop new technologies and evolve existing service models to provide our customers with innovative and custom solutions.



USAS focuses on the development and application of new technologies to upgrade and optimize current product systems. Additionally, we have ever-evolving service and management models and continue to research on progressive metal building technologies and products for different application areas.

At USAS, we believe in the power & efficiency of innovation to drive our business into new areas and expand into new markets. Therefore, USAS manages and drives its own R&D into sustainable technologies.

USAS Green Building Research is strategically located in Shanghai, the economic and technical hub of China. With an area of up to 3,000 m² modern facility, the center focuses on technical research and development, experimentation and integration of building systems.

Furthermore, USAS has also established close cooperation with many Chinese steel conglomerates, industry associations and renowned institutions. Over the years, these partnerships have been very rewarding and have ensured the completion of numerous projects using pioneering solutions in products, materials and technology.



“Constantly meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations”, this is one of the guiding values we firmly uphold at USAS for all aspects of our business. We are committed to providing integrated building solutions for customers in different industries worldwide, and strive to make sure that each project is successfully delivered. Through professional service, we help all our customers turn blueprints into reality, whilst maximizing investment value through better buildings.

USAS is not just about contractual terms and initializing business, but is also about forging a long-term cooperation that ensures to be a win-win partnership.



Sustainable development is the key principle for the construction sector. The materials we use for our metal building products are 100% recyclable. Using a modular approach for our structures, we significantly improve energy & resource efficiency while generating zero emissions at the same time.

USAS continuously researches on upgrading current metal building technologies and related solutions for different application areas. Our people-oriented approach is part of every facet of our process, from architectural design and production up to construction and delivery,

Many USAS’ projects are guaranteed to meet LEED and international green building rating standards. Throughout all of our projects, we are dedicated to build a sustainable future for generations to come.


Certificate & Qualification


Our People
USAS’ team is simply best-in-class. We firmly believe that our employees are the backbone to our success and that they are USAS' most valuable asset. Through dedication and hard work day in day out USAS has shaped a one of a kind working environment. Our guiding principles, manifested in our corporate culture, are harmony, mutual assistance and the desire for constant improvement. We believe that long-term personal development and individual growth are as important to us as is our daily business.
With a vision shared by all our people and let by these principles, we are building the path for our industry.




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USAS Building System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

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USAS Guangzhou Branch

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USAS Building System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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USAS Beijing Branch

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